E124 Control Board

E124 Control Board

Model VariantPart Number
E124 control board790284
Key features
  • Swing gate control board for 24V operators
  • Additional programming features accessible via a device with USB port
Product details

The E124 control board is considered to be one of the highest performance electronic control units for swing gates currently available on the market.

Compatible with all FAAC 24V swing gate systems; the E124 will also control other brands. It’s a highly flexible control board with a huge range of variable parameters for swing gate installations.

It has high levels of programmability, it offers:

  • 10 standard logics which can be further customized to give almost unlimited programming.
  • 50 different power levels and 10 different speeds which can be varied independently allowing maximum performance whilst monitoring anti crush safety.
  • Powerful motor outputs allow up to 36Vdc to be supplied to the FAAC motors, which enables higher speeds compared to other 24V boards.
  • Management of limit switches and encoders for safety and compliance to standards.

Other features:

  • The control board has an ultra sense function for obstacle detection with hydraulic operators.
  • Hold closed function to pulse leaves closed every 1 to 48 hours.
  • A cycle counter allows consistent and regular servicing by showing the total number of cycles or alternatively, the counter can be set to request assistance after a set number of cycles.
  • The 32 bit processor platform has suffi cient capacity for today and the future. Software developments can be uploaded to the board as and when they become available. via a USB connector.
  • It can be programmed via push buttons and advanced programming can be undertaken via PC. (Software is available free of charge).

PC programming allows access to all the installation parameters, easily adjustable at the touch of a button and there is a password protection option. A simple plug in USB cable connects the PC to the control board. The connection of the PC allows the operation of the system to be monitored in real time, providing invaluable data for the fine-tuning of the system. Existing control board programming can be uploaded to a connected PC for analysis or modification.

Tech Specs

  • The board has a switchable anti-wind feature to best manage operation in windy conditions.
  • Adjustable deceleration times and speed allow the board to be programmed to specific site requirements.
  • There is a battery back up option - UK-BATTERY
  • The pedestrian command can be programmed for any percentage opening required and different pause times. The programming also includes a dead man feature for testing motor direction and function.
  • The board possesses 2 connectors for radio control reception, allowing 2 different radio frequencies to be managed simultaneously for different functions. One for XF receivers and the other for RP, decoder and minidec receivers. 2nd channel of XF receiver can be programmed to activate an output on the board.
  • Built in 6 event, 7 day timer with summer time adjustment, can be wired to hold the gates open or isolate inputs.
  • Once the time and date is set on the board, it automatically logs the last 128 events, the event log can be retrieved with a PC.
  • X-com technology is available, allowing the PC to communicate with the control board via radio for ease of programming accessibility.
  • The board has programmable inputs, which is a unique feature, and programmable outputs.
  • New BUS (2easy) accessories can be used alongside other conventional safety devices on the same system.
  • Unlike any other control board, force and speed can be varied independently which adds to the fl exibility of the system, which is a great added feature which has never been available before.
  • The board allows for maximum thrust at opening or on closing. These both allow for safer running of the system, as excess power isn’t required continuously throughout the cycle.

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