Revolving Doors

FAAC Revolving Door Range - Product Highlights

Increased Energy Efficiency

The concept of the original revolving door has been transformed from a simple pedestrian flow management system to a fully customisable building entry solution. FAAC revolving door designs also offer increased energy efficiency and safety which is vitally important in today’s world.

Visual Appearance

Our doors are also perfect where visual appearance is as important as performance such as modern airports and offices.

Automatic Revolving Doors vs Manual Revolving Doors

The difference between an automatic revolving door and manual revolving doors is the radar located in entry and exit which operates the automatic versions.

Manual Revolving Doors

Manual revolving doors at the building entrance are the most economical solution. They provide energy savings and prestige and they do not require electricity or an air curtain. The mechanism used on manual revolving doors can be used for many years without failure with regular maintenance. One of the most important features of a manual door is the option for them to be transformed into an automatic revolving door at any time. 

Whatever your needs FAAC have revolving door solutions for all applications including hospitals, supermarkets, airports or offices.