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C4000i Integrated Sliding Gate operator

FAAC have created a solution to satisfy the needs and requirements of the market. Introducing the first column-integrated motor for sliding gates with a leaf length of up to 8m and a weight of up to 400kg.

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S2500i Integrated Swing Gate operator

Designed to meet numerous application requirements, can be integrated in metal columns with the following dimensions: 10x10 cm, 12x12 cm and 15x15 cm.

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Simply Connect

You have complete control with Simply Connect. Open, close and configure your automation with the Simply Connect app, wherever you are.
Complete convenience with just a touch on your smartphone

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New high security bollards
JS bollards are tested according to the main international standards to withstand impact with a 7,500 kg truck driven at 50km/h (JS 48) or 80km/h (JS 80). They are made of high-strength steel and can be provided with customisable and interchangeable covers.
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New stainless steel round maglock
Suitable for outdoor use (e.g. gates/barriers) due to its weatherproof construction and is ideal for use as a hold-open device. Suitable for 12Vdc or 24Vdc operation.
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844 3PH Sliding Gate Operator
Following on from the launch of the new E844 3PH electronic control board (Pt No 202073) earlier this year we're pleased to say that the new 844 3PH operator is now here, with the control board integrated.
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Social distancing COVID 19 product range
We offer a range of products to assist with social distancing, take a look at our overview brochure here.
We have also developed a range of products to assist with people flow - our Safe Flow brochure can be found here.
> Find out more about the Social Distancing / COVID-19 Range here...

E145S Control Boards
The new E145s electronic control board for 230v systems (Pt No 790076), is now available. This board will replace the current E145 board and has been introduced in preparation for the launch of Simply Connect later in the year.
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FAAC Solar Power Kit
The kit has been sized to work in locations where supplying mains voltage would not be practicable or the cost implication would be significant and the expected usage is relatively low throughout the day. 
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ExpertLine Safety Edges
Modular pressure-sensitive edge system for gate applications. High sensitivity and quick response time. A convenient self-assembly package designed for experts, by experts.
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A951 DDA Automatic Toilet Door System
Touch the entry sensor on the outside of the toilet.
The A951 Operator will automatically open the door to provide access.
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The new FAAC XKP Keypad
XKP B: Easy connection with BUS 2EASY
XKP W: Wireless with patented FAAC SLH Technology
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