Gate Safety at FAAC

Overall gate safety is of paramount importance when installing swing and sliding gates and equipment. The entire FAAC range of sliding gates, swing gates and accessories have safety at the forefront of their design. FAAC actively promote safety wherever possible and endeavours to provide installers with all the information necessary to assist them in carrying out each installation safely, meeting the guidelines and regulations of the industry, whilst also ensuring the safety of end users.

Automated Gate Safety for New Installations

Automated electric gate safety relies not just on regulation and good design but adherence to manufacturer installation guidelines. When installing electric gates, safety requirements should always be first. We provide robust documentation to installers to ensure that electric gate safety legislation is followed and that each product being installed is operating according to our guidelines. When all these procedures are followed and installations properly tested, FAAC products are among the safest on the market. For more information please download our gate safety information pack.

Automated Gate Safety for Existing Installations

Technology and safety requirements are constantly evolving and FAAC are constantly developing their products to take advantage of new and evolving hardware and software with respect to product safety. With that in mind, we recommend that site managers and health and safety officers regularly review their swing and sliding gate installations to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. FAAC are constantly developing their range of gate safety accessories and add-ons with a view to making their installed base of products as safe as possible throughout their working lifespan. To carry out a gate safety audit please download our gate safety information pack which will help guide a full review and audit of any existing installations to ensure they meet the highest levels of safety. Our safety devices page and safety edges page contain further information about the products  and accessories available. You can also contact our sales team to discuss your requirements or for gate safety advice.

Free Gate Safety Training Courses

Free training courses are offered to all FAAC registered installers with a course specifically dedicated to safety, standards and force testing. We cover topics such as: an explanation of the machinery directive and relevant British standards & euro norms, installer responsibilities, technical file requirements, CE marking and declaration of conformity, types of safety edges and their controllers, force limitation requirements and a practical force testing demonstration

Gate Safe

Gate Safe was set up in 2010, in the wake of the tragic deaths of two children crushed by automated gates, in separate accidents. Gate Safe brings together representatives from companies and trade and safety organisations to improve understanding of safety guidelines and petition for stricter safety legislation to prevent further accidents. FAAC conforms to the Gate Safe supporters ‘Code of Conduct’.

For further information please visit the Gate Safe website:

Gate safe

Door & Hardware Federation

FAAC is a member of the DHF. The DHF represents the interests of manufacturers and installers of industrial, pedestrian and garage doors. It provides professionals a single source for technical expertise with the aim of assuring progress and maintaining standards throughout the industry. FAAC participates in promoting the DHF Guidelines and training programme.

For further information please visit the Door & Hardware Federation website:

Raising Standards Safety Assured

Useful Downloads

Please find some useful downloads below

Download the door and hardware federation guide to gate safety legislation and standards

Download the faac gate information pack