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FAAC Technologies is actively engaged in multiple environmental and social sustainability initiatives and in the utmost respect for corporate governance best practices.

Social responsibility

It is certainly in the ownership structure that FAAC has its own uniqueness and strength when it comes to ESG: all the value created and distributed, the dividends, go to support the activity of our sole shareholder, the Archdiocese of Bologna, whose primary mission is to carry out charitable deeds and support people in need. This awareness fills us with pride as workers, and always gives us that something extra to maximize the operational and financial performance of the business we are engaged in.


What energizes me most and makes me enthusiastic about overcoming the challenges of every day is to know that all the value we generate, which is not reinvested in the company, will be used by our shareholder in important charitable deeds.

Paola Cantarello, FAAC Spa Accounting Manager

I love summer and the sea. My daughter is 5 years old and I would like to leave her a better world and a greener future.

Silvia Mignardi, Marketing Executive

I grew up in the country, I have always loved nature and the mountains. Green is my favorite color and it is also the color I would like to see all around me in the future

Anna Tassinari, Internal Auditing

I love nature and sports. I also love technology and believe that it can help us in the fight to save energy

Riccardo Nazzaro, Electronic/Electric Purchasing