XP30 Photocells

XP30 Photocells

Model VariantPart Number
XP30 metal7851051
XP30B metal7851061
Product details

Perfectly slim, incredibly powerful.
A range of 30 metres, and a depth of 21 millimetres. XP30 photocells are extremely compact. A 55 × 78 mm surface with such a limited projection as to keep them safe from passing vehicles.
Compact, solid, slim: XP30 models blend into all architectural contexts, from the most classic to the most minimal. XP30 stainless steel models are all-metal, covered in satin-finished steel, the only ones available on the market.

Small casing, great design

Mould seal on front cover and closed-cell seal in the cable routing area:
all XP30 versions ensure maximum protection from insects and weather, including the most extreme conditions.

Outer beauty, inner strength.
With the XP30B family equipped with BUS 2easy, you can connect up to 16 pairs of photocells to the same control board without any interference. With BUS 2easy, complex systems become simple.

The XP30 relay models enable simple channel selection at the push of a button. The encoding of the signal prevents any interference between TX and RX and permits 4 pairs of photocells to be installed at short distances.

All XP30 models are protected against interference from external light sources, including LED car lights.

All XP30 models can easily replace both wall- and flush-mounted Fotoswitch and Photobeams.


Photocell posts now take both XP20and XP30 photocells, available in standard, dual height and height lorry column height 401070-401075-401080

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