XMB module

XMB module

XMB module
Model VariantPart Number
XMB module787348
Product details

Compatible after updating firmware with E145 and E124 control boards for gate systems and the FAAC E1SL control board for door automation.

  • Bluetooth (bluetooth low energy 4.2)-2.4Ghz

This gives end-users a modern and user friendly automation system which can be opened and closed via a smartphone and enable further user rights to access their automation by setting access rights by time or token.

XMB is equipped with a SIM on the chip, therefore there is no requirement to buy any SIM or subscribe to a contract with a mobile phone provider or handle the sim in any way (e.g. disable PIN protection, etc..), once the module is plugged in, it starts roaming on the mobile network with the best signal coverage. (Annual top-up fee applies: TBC)

Benefits for installers

  • The automation can be programmed with a tablet, laptop or smart device with no need to access the control board
  • It’s a tool to effectively manage maintenance servicing therefore improving business efficiency
  • By simply checking on a mobile device you can see the status of all the automation systems and check simple anomolies and manage onsite visits
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