FDS upgrade system

FDS upgrade system

FDS upgrade system
Model VariantPart Number
XF FDS - a receiver for FDS remotes787025
XT2 FDS BD - (2 included in kit)787019
XMBX - A simply Connect GSM expansion Board787379
Key features
  • Add remotes without having a master simply by scanning a matrix code on the back
  • Assign user names, so lost or stollen remotes can be disabled individually
  • The record of remotes is stored on the cloud. This can be recovered if the main control board becomes faulty.
  • Set access times, five separate time bands can be programmed, and the users can be assigned to them to restrict access.
Product details

FDS is the latest technology for key fobs.  Providing increased range, security and easy of use.

Simply Connect is an expansion module that unlocks your control board for programming on a free app over Bluetooth, monitoring over a cloud connection and the many other features listed below.

Features .... Benefits
Live Status   5 Years GSM connectivity free
Wireless programming   Remote monitoring
Additional programming options   Track product warranty
Hold Open timer   Managing engineer's workload
Fault Finding   Launch firmware updates remotely
End to End ENcryption (E2EE)   The automation system will still operate if the GSM is offline
2006/42/EC Machine Directive Compliant   Programing history
GDPR (EU) 2016/679 Compliant    
Certified Data Protection    
Service reports    


How to use the Simply Connect and FDS

Power down the main control board, plug in the Simply Connect module and FDS receiver before powering it back up and sealing up the housing. Log on to the free Simply Connect Pro app to add a new automation system. When prompted, scan the unique matrix code found in the box, this is your back up access key.

Now follow the onscreen instructions to setup a record of the automation system and to program the control board, the guided programming feature takes you through a boards initial setup. Then the configuration menu allows access to large selection of programming options that aren’t otherwise available.  If you need guidance on any stage of the process there are short tutorial videos available here.

To add remotes, go to the “transmitter” option in the automations menu where you can add, name and manage the remotes.

If you want to be able to diagnose faults remotely, try activating remote monitoring from the active services  section of the main menu. Now you can connect to the control board remotely and see what the inputs and outputs are doing, the history of error codes and the voltage readings on 24v boards.


More and more control boards will be becoming Simply Connect & FDS compatible.

For the moment the full list of features above when combining Simply Connect and FDS are available on new:


E124S – 24V swing gate control board
E145S – 230V swing gate control board
E781 – Found in the 746C and 844C sliding gate operators

Simply Connect can be used without FDS on other control boards including:

E680S – Found in the B680H barrier
E2SL – Found in sliding doors

FDS remotes without Simply Connect can be used on any control board when you use the universal receiver – XR2 FDS and many FAAC boards when using the rapid plug on receiver – RP FDS. Then adding remotes is done at the receiver or remote to remote, you don’t get to manage them remotely but you still get the benefits of a longer range and increased security.


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