433-868MHz FDS System

FDS Radio Range

433-868MHz FDS System

Model VariantPart Number
XT2 FDS 433-868 2 channel transmitter787017
XT4 FDS 433-868 2 channel transmitter787018
XT2 FDS 433-868 2 channel transmitter Bi-Directional787019
XT4 FDS 433-868 2 channel transmitter Bi-Directional787020
Receiver RP FDS 433-868787021
Receiver RP2 FDS 433-868787022
Key features
  • Use frequency 433.92-868.35 MHz
  • FDS = FAAC DIGITAL SIGNATURE: Radio protocol based on frequency modulation with high performance in terms of range and battery life; radio transmission is protected with AES-128 symmetric encryption algorithm with 128bit key. The authenticity of the remote controls is verified by means of a chain of FAAC customized security certificates.
  • Maximum security against cloning obtained by the advanced security scheme empowered by the adoption of Secure Vault™ (PSA™ certified Level 3) and TrustZone® hardware technologies: the “state-of-the-art” to secure digital financial transactions and IoT High Security devices/networks.
  • Double frequency: transmitters and receivers are able to communicate at 868MHz-433MHz in time sharing, no more need to choose the working frequency in advance, thus simplifying the management of installation/maintenance activities.
  • Ease of registration: new simplified registration/management procedures of the radio transmitters both via SELF LEARNING and direct registration on the receiver.
  • SLH compatible: FDS transmitters can be used on existing SLH systems.
  • PHYGITAL solution: FDS transmitters are the first FAAC PHYGITAL transmitters.
  • Thanks to the Simply Connect integration complete remote management can be achieved (addition of individual or group of transmitters via Matrix-Code, possibility to remove, enable, disable transmitters and manage the operating time bands) with no need of using dedicated tools and being onsite.
  • Bidirectionality The FDS BD transmitter provides haptic feedback to confirm the open command was received and it is also possible to check if the gate is closed by holding down the button and checking the colour of the remotes LED.
  • Bidirectional transmitters are equipped with a built in TAG compatible with FAAC XTR B readers
Product details

The evolution of the species

New FDS technology (FAAC DIgital Signature)

The FDS range is designed to be fully integrated into the Simply Connect Platform to enrich the user experience

The first ever Phygital transmitter made by FAAC

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