A951 DDA Automatic Toilet Door System

A951 DDA Automatic Toilet Door System

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Product details

The FAAC A951 DDA Automatic Toilet Door System with Operator, Push/Pull Arm, Safety Sensors, Finger-guard, Signs and the failsafe magnetic locking system in one simple and easy to install kit. The Disabled person’s toilet door system can easily be integrated into an existing or new swing door and delivers a comfortable and easy to use solution, whilst providing compliance with Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Operation is by two Touch Sensors that control the entry cycle by automatically opening and then locking the door and the exit cycle by unlocking and opening the door at the appropriate times interfacing with both the A951 automatic door operator and an electromechanical locking device.

How it works:

1) Entry 
Touch the entry sensor on the outside of the toilet. The A951 Operator will automatically open the door to provide access.

2) Lock
Touch the Red sensor on the inside to close and lock the door. To confirm the door is locked, the indicators on both Sensors will flash showing the toilet is engaged and inhibiting the entry sensor.

3) Exit 
Touch the Green sensor on the inside and the indicator stops flashing. The door will unlock and the A951 Operator will automatically open the door. The entry sensor on the outside will stop flashing and becomes operable once again to provide access for the next user.

What is in the kit?

1 x 105951 A951 Automatic Door Opener with Push or Pull Arm 
systems (Please state “PUSH or PULL at time of ordering)
1 x 340mm BEA 4Safe external door sensor
1 x 900mm BEA 4Safe internal door sensor
1 x Black hinge door Finger guard
2 x Automatic door stickers 
1 x Keep Clear stickers
1 x DPTS PCB (already fitted in power supply) 
1 x 12v 1A PSU (powers DPTS and lock)  size: 200 x 225 x 75mm
1 x Entry/Open (External) touch sensors with emergency 
    override key switch (2 keys included) Size: 85 x 145 x 34mm
1 x Exit/Lock (Internal) touch sensor. Size: 85 x 145 x 34mm
1 x Resettable Break glass with cover and one reset key
1 x User labels
1 x slim line Maglock
1 x Z and L bracket kit

Please note, this system is ONLY for use on doors up to 1100mm wide. 
All work undertaken on automatic doors must comply with 
the appropriate standards.

Also available with contactless sensors:
Click here for the DDA contactless demo

For enquiries, please contact:
Robin Palmer
07818 595 199


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