.PAL GSM Smartgate RFID reader

PAL RFID long range reader

.PAL GSM Smartgate RFID reader

Model VariantPart Number
RFID readerUK-SG33-4GA-I
windshield RFID stickerUK-BS011
Key features
  • Easy installation
  • System control and management with simple web interface *
  • Unlimited authorized users ( stickers )
  • Groups for access control by time,days and dates *
  • Stores over 10,000 operations in an internal log *
  • Support all 3G/4G Networks
  • 1 optical solid state relay output.
  • 3 Indication LED's.
  • Operating Power 12VDC.
  • Dimensions control box 70x50x20.5mm
  • All RFID users could be given access via the PAL App
  • * Optional feature. Payment may apply
Product details

A new long range RFID reader with compact dimensions. This innovative integrated reader is an all-in-one device that operates at a frequency range of 840-960 MHz and is an ideal solution for applications such as intelligent parking management and access control. It includes a web interfaces that makes it easy to install and use. Additionally, the range of RF power is 10 to 27dBm which is adjustable remotely

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