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The gates were originally installed in January 2008 with FAAC automation equipment using 402 swing gate systems with a 455D control board. The gates were well maintained and serviced annually ensuring smooth operation of the system. By 2021 the system was around 13 years old and approaching end of life. As maintenance costs rise with age the client wished to ensure economical running and maintenance costs so a new FAAC automation system would ensure lower overall running costs and have the benefit of the latest FAAC automation technology and safety systems


The system was designed with both FAAC equipment and technical advice to create a gate with the latest safety systems possible to ensure the highest level of safety features. The design took into account other factors like extreme weather conditions, power failure of the system along with a security and locking system which was also an important factor. The design and install had to have non-contact Safety devices such as X Guard laser Curtains on both sides of the gate, over and above this it had XP30 Photocells on the gate posts. The gates would operate in cases where power failure occurred so adding a battery back up system which was further complicated by the requirement that the gate opened and stayed in the open position on power failure thus ensuring free access in and out. Bespoke wiring and programming details from Ruben our Technical Sales Engineer helped achieve this. Another variation of the system was the requirement for the gates to open and remain open when the gate performed a failsafe system safety check. The default position would normally be the gates don’t operate if the failsafe system check fails, but the installer wanted the gates to open and remain open if the failsafe system check failed. This was to ensure free access in event of a fault with the safety system that required further bespoke items to be installed like a UPS system and adjustments to the wiring & programming to allow for this to operate as desired. Since the installation, the gates have operated in excess of 6000 cycles without issue. Simply Connect. The FAAC Simply Connect system was also installed. It gave many additional features to the system but overall gave the installer a lot more control over the programming and running of the system. It also assists in record keeping and is great for maintenance of the system at the service intervals, it also provides a remote overview of systems diagnostics which is very useful software to have at a reasonable cost


David Bryson states:My 30 years experience in designing and building bespoke homes made training in automatic gate design and installation pretty straight forward, as i design and build much more complicated bespoke homes and control automation systems. So i was able to grasp everything quickly with the help of Ruben for technical support. The end result is that the completed gate system was finished to a great standard. I also liaised with Rob at Gate Safe to ensure fully legally compliant gates, Rob was very helpful throughout the process and very complimentary of the new gate design and installation of the electric gate system.

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