FAAC 400 - we're still in love!

FAAC 400 swing gate opener

Happy Valentines Day to our much loved 400 operator. 

There's no such thing as FAAC without the 400, it was the first operator ever designed and named, though not in the totally integrated form that we are used to know nowadays. It had a separated hydraulic power unit and a piston connected to it through some pipes, but the name was already "400".
The FAAC 400 230V Hydraulic range of swing gate operators have been in service for over 50 years and has proven one of, if not the most robust, reliable and cost-effective operators available on the market to this day. With its hydraulic anti-crushing valve offering maximum safety built-in as standard and now with the option of E145S control board and Safecoder (absolute encoder technology) offering rapid obstacle detection that assists with compliance to machinery directive 2006/42/EC you're in safe hands (RAMs).

Total Position Accuracy, easy to fit, BUS wiring for ease of install ... No wonder: all these years we're still in love!

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