AirSlide: the only sliding door with an integrated air curtain


6 Good Reasons for Choosing the AirSlide System...

01 » Greater comfort and lower energy consumption
The air curtain, integrated in the automatic sliding door, prevents heat dispersion and stops pollution entering from the outside. It therefore guarantees a higher quality of the indoor environment, minimises draughts and significantly reduces energy consumption.

02 » FAAC guaranteed automation
AirSlide is patented and guaranteed by the most important certifications regarding safety, energy consumption and automation system technology in compliance with the European Directives and current regulations:

  • 62% less heat dispersion
  • 62% less dust
  • 48% less airflow

03 » Direction of transit detection
The energy saving device recognises the direction of transit and optimises the opening and closing times. It understands, whether the potential customer intends to enter or not, thereby avoiding unnecessary air dispersion, even in case of cross traffic.

04 » 2 million cycles without maintenance
Each automatic sliding door with the integrated AirSlide air curtain system is tested to guarantee 2 million cycles without the need for maintenance.

05 » No dispersion with the air curtain switched off
The AirSlide system is fitted with a special device that prevents the external air from entering when the leaves are closed and the air curtain is not in operation.

06 » 3 Watt standby power consumption
The entire system has a standby power consumption of only 3 Watts when the leaves are closed and the air curtain is not in operation.


Suitable for public places: shops, supermarkets, offices, banks, hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes, warehouses and places with controlled temperature such as waiting rooms, airports and railway stations

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