It's not easy being Green..... or is it?!


Environmental protection and eco-sustainability are foundational aspects of FAAC's corporate mission. To reduce the ecological footprint of our products, we have opted for a progressive shift towards a digital approach.

The European Machinery Directive, currently under revision, eliminates the obligation to provide printed installation manuals together with the machinery or partly completed machinery, allowing installation manuals to be made available in digital format in an archive accessible to the installers.

However, the obligation remains to attach to the product the printed documentation containing all the safety warnings to avoid risks for the installer during installation of the automation.

Each product box will contain:

1. A printed document dedicated to safety warnings for the installer.

2. A postcard inviting you to scan the QR-Code which links to the digital manual collection website

(www.faac.help/products/); the website is not only the repository for the digital manuals but also the showcase in which the project is presented with more details on the expected results in terms of eco-sustainability.

3. One or more QR-Code stickers on the product that refer to the specific manual.

By going digital and looking at various other aspects of our production we're gearing towards a more sustainable future.Products that have gone through the evolution already are the B680 barrier range and the sliding door range.

The graphic below shows the difference that digitisation can make to the environment alongside other sustainability work done at manufacturing level at FAAC.

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