FAAC Group Becomes FAAC Technologies


A New Corporate Brand Identity

We are pleased to announce that we have a new corporate identity, our umbrella company has changed from FAAC GROUP to FAAC Technologies to better represent our growth in the access automation and access control industry.

A customer-centric approach, top quality, trailblazing innovation, taking care of people, and superior standards of ethics constitute the inspiring principles of how FAAC does business. Every day, the group tries to provide its clients and users with state-of-the-art solutions to make their life easier and safer.

As FAAC UK customers you may have already noticed that our emails have already changed from @faacgroup.com to @faactechnologies.com this is the main change that you will notice.

At FAAC Technologies, we are committed to a more sustainable future every day and as part of the group here at FAAC UK we will continue to uphold those commitments in all phases of the production supply chain, from design to in-house services, purchasing, and logistics, we work in respect of the environment and the highest ethical standards.

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