FAAC Charity Fun Week 2019

We've had a fantastic Charity Fun Week at FAAC! We are pleased to announce that we raised £230 which the company will match so both charities Age UK and Parkinson's UK will receive £230 each!

We had a fun quiz for those staff based in the office and we are pleased to announce that Jill Burr was the winner with an impressive 37 out of 40!

We had 2 bakers, Sarah Hallam and Paula Maishman who made some brilliant sausage rolls in the savoury bake-off, both created some delicious treats so we awarded both star baker and a bottle of wine!

The big event that took place this morning was the Raffle, please see all the winners below:

  • Kaura Feeley & Martin King (leave earlies)
  • Jo Bostock & Simon Byrne (lie-ins)
  • Christine Norman (a day-off)
  • Gorran Fuller (Amazon Echo)
  • Ioana Daniela Dulau (2-night luxury getaway)
  • Diane Armitt (half-day off)
  • Sarah Cosby (half-day off)


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