Smooth touch to hardwood gates


A pair of 200kg hardwood domestic gates in Essex is the perfect subject for FAAC’s
powerful and rugged 413LS electro-mechanical swing gate operators. Recommended by
the FAAC installer, Eagle Automation Systems, the operators combine smooth action
with security and safety. The operators are part of FAAC’s 413 and 415 series which
provides compact automation solutions for gates up to 4 metres. FAAC is a market leader
in gate and door automation.

The FAAC operators are installed on gates that ensure both security and privacy at a
private house near Chelmsford. The 413LS operators were selected as best solution for
this application by Eagle Automation Systems. Director Dave Ashby says: “Because of
their weight, these 2 metre gates require particularly smooth opening and closing.
Automating heavy wooden gates requires careful installation to avoid overstressing joints
in the woodwork. The 413LS is ideal in this application – and it is reliable and quiet.”
Powered by 24V dc, the installation includes battery back-up to allow continuous
operation in the event of power failures. Limit switches and built-in mechanical stops
ensure safe operation at all times.

Designed for straightforward installation on domestic swing gates up to 2.5 metres,
FAAC’s 413 series operators offer a choice of 230V ac or 24V dc, and steady rod 
extension at 1.6cm/sec. Designed for a long working life in tough atmospheric
conditions, they incorporate rugged and corrosion-proof components. These include
stainless steel drive rods, bronze transmission crown gears and double-coated aluminium
casings. Each 6.5kg operator has a horizontal cable exit, so that the operator can be
installed close to the ground for a neat appearance when fitted to wrought iron gates.
FAAC also offers the larger 415 series, for gates with single leaves up to 3 metres – or
up to 4 metres with a longer drive rod. Operators in the 415 series have the same power
choices and durable construction.

Eagle Automation Systems, based at North Weald, Essex, was established in 1988. It
offers a wide portfolio of gates and automation systems is now one of the largest FAAC
installers in the South East. Its team of fully trained and experienced installation
engineers have fitted FAAC systems for a wide range of custom-designed domestic and
commercial solutions.

FAAC is a world leader in gate and door automation, with more than 30 years’
experience. The company has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and
Ireland and distributes its products in more than 70 countries. In the UK, FAAC is the
market leader in residential and commercial markets, which it serves through a national
network of 700 approved installers, all trained to FAAC’s high standards.


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