No more waiting at the school gates

No more waiting at the school gates

FAAC 400 swing gate operators have been used to automate the main entrance/exit
gates for pedestrian and vehicle access to Roselands Primary School in
Hertfordshire. The new gate system is equipped with a range of safety devices to
minimise the risk to users, while ensuring the school remains a safe and secure
environment for its staff and pupils.

Darwin Security was called in to replace the existing entrance/exit gate system due to
structural movement caused by the heavy clay soil base. To avoid future movement,
the new FAAC operated gates have been installed with an underground I beam
connecting all the vehicular and pedestrian gate posts together.

Director of Darwin Security, Spencer Russell, explains why the FAAC 400 swing gate
operator was chosen for this application: “Due to the sloping ground level and the
size of the gates, we required a powerful and robust operator. We specified the
FAAC 400 hydraulic operator as it can move gates up to 7 metres in length and has a
reputation for high performance and longevity.”

Suitable for large residential and industrial applications, two FAAC 400 operators
were used to automate the double leaf swing gate used for vehicle access to the
school, while a single 400 operator was used for the pedestrian gate. Safety edges
and photocell sensors were fitted to both gates to prevent them from closing if a
person or obstacle is detected. Warning lights, sounders and signs were also fitted
as additional safety measures.

During peak traffic times, the gates are held open via a time clock to reduce the risk
to children and avoid delays. Access can be gained at other times, either by using
the telephone based intercom on both the pedestrian and vehicular gates, or
members of staff can use a radio control transmitter. On exit, underground induction
loops detect vehicles as they approach, causing the gates to open automatically.
Pedestrians simply press an egress (exit) button that triggers the pedestrian gate to

With more than 40 years’ experience, FAAC is a world leader in gate and door
automation. The company has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and
Ireland and distributes its products in more than 90 countries. Within the UK, FAAC
(UK) based in Basingstoke is the market leader in both residential and commercial
markets, which it serves through a national network of 800 approved installers, all
trained to FAAC’s high standards.


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