New Lodge Vineyard


Automation systems from FAAC (UK) are giving a restored and refurbished gate a new
lease of life at a vineyard in Northamptonshire.
The gate, which has been automated by Power Gates of Huntingdon, formerly guarded
the main entrance to New Lodge House in the village of Earls Barton. When the owner,
Mrs Boulos-Hanna, moved next door to New Lodge Vineyard she didn’t want to leave
the old gate behind.

The ornate metal and timber gate is around 80 years old and was first automated 19 years
ago with a FAAC swing gate 400 operator. Before it could be moved to its new site
though, the gate needed to be completely restored – and having established with Geoff
Messinger of Power Gates that it was feasible to automate it again – it took Mrs BoulosHanna
four years to find someone who could rebuild it.
Finally a master craftsman, Harold Pointer, was found who could replace the ironwork
and rebuild the timber.

Once the gate was re-hung on new posts the refurbished FAAC operator was returned to
its rightful position. A new automation system now includes a telephone exit loop and 
radio remote control via a handset. Mrs Boulos-Hanna says the FAAC operator has given
years of trouble-free service since it was first installed, and now continues to do so in its
new location.

And yes, it really is a vineyard. Mrs Boulos-Hanna planted around 400 vines when she
moved in. She had her first harvest this year and will have her first wine next year – just
in time to drink a twentieth birthday toast to the FAAC 400 operator.
FAAC is a world leader in gate and door automation. Its operators and full gate systems
are available through a national network of over 700 approved installers, all trained to
FAAC’s exacting standards.


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