Fensec S800 Installation in Teignmouth


A brand new residential complex was built in Teignmouth. Due to the nature of the site and it being a new build, Fensec worked with the developer on the install over the period of five months as the access was very restricted and there were a lot of services into the area.
The install was actually finished on one side, then after 6 weeks the other side, then after a further 6 weeks, the pedestrian gate was all installed & hung ready to go, then the cabling, then finally the commissioning once they were clad with the timber. The end result was worth the wait, with the developers commending the team on how they could adapt and work around their time frames to achieve a great finish and home owners loving the gates. Fensec had worked with the developer on similar gate sets for 5 prestige house, single dwellings using 770N 24 operators in Silverton, Devon. So have much experience using FAAC underground operators.

S800 Features
The S800 operators were selected for this installation as the site is exposed & the gates have a solid infill so they need a good amount of power to work reliably in the conditions. It is also accessed by visitors as well as the residents so safety & reliability is paramount. The S800 operators are easy to install with preplanning, fabrication & treatments before going to site to do the installation.

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