Rural Farm Shop Goes Automated - February 2013

Press Release – 28th February 2013


FAAC A100 Compact sliding doors have been installed at Newlyns Farm Shop in Hampshire to
complete the construction of a new foyer at the front of the building. These slimline, double sliding
doors now provide a stylish welcome for visitors to the shop.

Chartwell Doors and Security Solutions Ltd carried out the installation. Ken Norish said “Originally
there wasn’t a proper welcome area for the farm shop so it was important to create an energy
efficient, automated entry system. The optional battery backup guarantees 30 minutes continuous
use in the event of a power failure ‐ extremely important in a retail environment”

Measuring only 100mm high by 135mm deep, the A100 is one of the smallest automatic door
operators available and can be adapted to every type of architectural environment, even where
space is limited. Offering single leaf doors with a maximum weight of 110kg or double leaves with a
combined weight of 140kg, the A100 has been designed for reliable, continuous operation in areas
of high traffic.  For more information visit www.faac.co.uk

With more than 40 years’ experience, FAAC is a world leader in gate and door automation. The
company has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and Ireland and distributes its
products in more than 90 countries. Within the UK, FAAC (UK) based in Basingstoke is the market
leader in both residential and commercial markets, which it serves through a national network of
800 approved installers, all trained to FAAC’s high standards.   



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