Harrow HUB transformation

Harrow council, a local government authority, has recently made a significant investment in relocating their council offices to a brand new building known as Harrow Hub. This decision was accompanied by the closure of the old council site, which is now undergoing a transformation to become a vibrant new neighborhood featuring high-quality housing.

As part of the relocation process, Harrow Council enlisted the services of Triple Fire and Security, a reputable security contractor, to handle the security measures for the new Harrow Hub building. One of the tasks assigned to Triple Fire and Security was to automate the doors within the facility, ensuring convenient and efficient access for both staff and visitors.

This door automation project proved to be quite extensive, involving the installation of various types of door operators. Specifically, the team utilized 11 A951 swing door operators, each equipped with DDA kits, as well as 39 950N2 operators. These operators were employed to automate a range of doors, including those found in toilets, fire exits, and office spaces throughout the building.

One notable aspect of the installation was the challenging working environment in which the team had to operate. The installation work took place within a fully functional office, requiring the team to adapt to the existing conditions for each installation. Despite these complexities, the Triple Fire and Security team demonstrated their expertise and successfully completed the project.

Matt Edwards, the Security System Director at Triple Fire and Security, shared his positive experience with the project. He highlighted the team's preference for using the FAAC range of door automation systems, which facilitated a smooth and seamless installation process.

The installation of swing door operators at Harrow Hub, overseen by Triple Star Fire & Security, involved a combination of A951 operators, 950N2 operators, and DDA kits. These components were carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of the building and ensure optimal functionality and accessibility.

Overall, the introduction of automated door systems at Harrow Hub represents a significant improvement in the building's security and convenience for its occupants. By partnering with reputable security contractors like Triple Fire and Security and employing reliable products such as those from the FAAC range, Harrow Council demonstrates its commitment to modernizing their facilities and providing a safe and efficient environment for staff and visitors alike.

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