Edinburgh Airport Sliding Doors


Reliable performance a key factor in specification for busy
airport environment

Reliability was a key issue when principle contractor at
Edinburgh Airport, Alfred McAlpine, took the decision to
replace automatic sliding door operators giving access to
the arrivals halls. With the existing doors requiring
increasing amounts of maintenance, a total of nine 930 and
940 automatic sliding door systems from FAAC (UK) have been
supplied as replacements in international arrivals, checkin
and the domestic UK arrivals hall.

“The FAAC operators were chosen following a careful
selection process,” said Robert McVicar of Alfred McAlpine.
“We provide mechanical and electrical services including
maintenance for access doors and barriers to Glasgow and
Gatwick airports in addition to Edinburgh and minimal
maintenance and 100% reliability are of the utmost
importance. We considered a number of options and
initially retro-fitted a pair of FAAC sliding door
operators in Glasgow. The results were impressive with the
new operators generating no reactive call outs for

Following this, a single FAAC unit was trialled at
Edinburgh with equally impressive results giving Alfred
McAlpine the confidence to replace all the existing
operators sourced from three different suppliers and
standardise on FAAC operators. The 930 or 940 automatic
sliding door system was specified, the choice dependant on 
the size of the doors. In addition to improving
reliability, by sourcing the operators from a single
supplier, the company was also able to streamline its
spares stockholding.

Featuring an elegant extruded aluminium profile and
designed for wall or ceiling mounting, both the 930 and 940
sliding door operators are designed for long term reliable
performance. External servers and built-in safety features
ensure both door operators are completely safe in
operation. The 930 is designed to operate with single and
double leaf sliding doors up to 80/120kg per leaf, while
the 940 is able to handle door leafs of up to 250kg. Both
operators are suitable for continuous operation.

FAAC (UK) is the market leader in the automation of
residential and commercial gates and barriers and is a
developing presence in the market for automatic doors and
garage doors. With more than 40 year’s experience, FAAC is
a world leader in gate and door automation. The company
has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and
Ireland and distributes its products in more that 90
countries. Within the UK, FAAC (UK) based in Basingstoke
and leads the field in residential and commercial markets,
which it serves through a national network of 800 approved
installers, all trained to FAAC’s high standards.



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