Automatic savings with A140


FAAC’s new energy saving A140 AIR sliding door automation system is currently
being trialled by a major UK retailer. The intelligent A140 AIR can achieve energy
savings of up to 40% compared with standard automatic door systems, helping
businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

The A140 features an inbuilt monodirectional sensor which identifies the walking
direction of the pedestrian, so that the doors only fully open if a person is walking
towards them. Unlike standard automatic doors, which often stay open much longer
than necessary, the A140 uses information from the sensor to optimise
opening/closing times to reduce air loss and energy consumed by internal airconditioning
and heating systems.

Will Walker, UK general manager of FAAC believes that this technology will become
increasingly commonplace in commercial applications as carbon reduction targets
become tougher. “Up until now, revolving doors have led the way in terms of energy
conservation, but they are more costly to install and often unpopular with customers
and visitors. The A140 offers the ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce
energy costs, whilst maintaining the simplicity and aesthetic benefits of a sliding

Return on investment can be achieved in a matter of months and can easily be
measured using a dedicated software tool called Thermotool, which calculates the
reduction in CO2 emissions and total cost savings over a year. In many cases the
A140 can be retro-fitted to an existing automatic door system by simply replacing the
internal components in the operator. Therefore energy savings can be realised with
relatively low investment in terms of both time and cost. 

With more than 40 years’ experience, FAAC is a world leader in gate and door
automation. The company has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and
Ireland and distributes its products in more than 90 countries. Within the UK, FAAC
(UK) based in Basingstoke is the market leader in residential and commercial
markets, which it serves through a national network of 800 approved installers, all
trained to FAAC’s high standards.


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