Platinum security installation B680 Install

Installer: Platinum Automation 

Location: York, Ward & Rowlatt Car Sales Garage
Product overview: 2 x B680H barrier installed to work independently with directional operation.


Prior to installation there was no access management in place. This particular site has two entrances comprising of one in, one out which was clearly indicated with numerous signs around site.
However people would ignore the signs and would drive in and out of the site via the wrong entrances. So the main objective was to solve this by installing two independent barriers with directional operation. Now the site is operating a one way traffic system as was originally planned. Platinum Automation worked closely with the site and carried out a very thorough initial survey to make sure the process and installation would go smoothly. After the initial survey and discussions Platinum Automation had a good understanding of what they were trying to achieve and the customer had the confidence that Platinum Automation could give them the system that they needed. The customer was
extremely happy with the end result.

B680 Features
One thing Tom liked about this particular model is the fact the casing can be removed. “With this removed you have easy access to everything making installation a lot easier. Once complete slide over fix in position and job done. Goes without saying I would recommend this product to anyone within the industry. Anyone who knows anything regarding automation they know that when installing FAAC equipment it comes with the reputation that it is one of the leading manufacturers within the industry if not the best. Knowing it is built to last and the products are quality.


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