Magnetic Flowmotion Installation


A brand new-build logisitics centre had just been completed and the customer was looking for an access solution for a staff entrance that was unmanned but needed to be monitored as well as protected.The products also needed to integrate with existing access control systems. The mTripods were the perfect solution. The smooth drive and sensitive impact detection make passage through the mTripod particularly simple and quick. Ideal for situations where you want minimal disruption and a basic level of security and control.

4 mTripods and an mSwing were selected for the installation by Zicam Integrated Security who were impressed with the quality of the product and the features available. Such as the mdure finish, this makes it highly resistant to scratches and abrasion. This in turn convinced the customer to choose the Flowmotion range. Zicam were particularly impressed with the finish of the product and how smooth the functionality was, they really felt that they finish off any entrance exceptionally well. The customer was extremely happy with the installation, stating that the units were not only very modern but also very effective. The favourite feature that really did set off the staff entrance was the traffic light frame edge illumination around the edge of the units.

Quote from Brad Ellis -Zicam AutomationProject Engineer “The product is second to none, 100% will be using again.”

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