Eastbourne Marina


Robust design able to withstand strong wind and salt spray
Safety was a top priority when Sovereign Harbour Marina in
Eastbourne took the decision to replace the old barriers
that controlled a lifting bridge within the marina complex.
Almost constantly in use, with yachts entering and leaving
the harbour at all hours of the day and night, the bridge
provides pedestrian access for residents, and vehicle
access in the event of an emergency. With the harsh
environment a key issue, the decision was taken to install
the 640 barrier system from FAAC (UK). Robust, reliable
and able to withstand the strong winds and salt spray of a
seafront location, the 640 was also able to offer the
safety features demanded by Sovereign Harbour Marina.

Four 640 barriers have now been installed by Cherry Gates &
Barriers Ltd, an approved installer for FAAC (UK) Ltd. The
barriers and lifting bridge are controlled from the harbour
office approximately ¼ mile away following communication
via a designated radio frequency from yachts wishing to
enter or leave the marina. During the installation, Cherry
Gates adapted and upgraded the existing controls that
activate a series of safety warnings when the bridge is
raised. Traffic lights and an audible warning alert
pedestrians prior to the barriers being lowered and the
bridge raised. 

Highly suited for heavy traffic management and larger
commercial applications, the 640 barrier system is the
ideal choice for stylish, high profile sites such as the
marina in Eastbourne as it is robust, hardwearing and has a
neat slimline appearance.

Featuring anti-crush hydraulics, a locking system for both
open and closed positions and manual release, the system
offers a range of options including pivoting foot,
automatic release solenoid valve (for power failure),
forked beam support and skirt.

FAAC (UK) is the market leader in the automation of
residential and commercial gates and barriers and is a
developing presence in the market for automatic doors and
garage doors. With more than 40 year’s experience, FAAC is
a world leader in gate and door automation. The company
has manufacturing and development facilities in Italy and
Ireland and distributes its products in more that 90
countries. Within the UK, FAAC (UK) based in Basingstoke
and leads the field in residential and commercial markets,
which it serves through a national network of 800 approved
installers, all trained to FAAC’s high standards.


Further information:
Paula Johnson, FAAC (UK) Ltd, 6 Hamilton Close, Houndsmill Estate,
Basingstoke, RG21 6YT
Tel: 01256 318100 Fax: 01256 318101 E-mail:

Veronica Robinson, Elixir Marketing, 20 High Street, Theale, Reading
Tel: 0118 930 3151 Fax: 0118 930 3252 E-mail:

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