Pedestrian access and safety controlled by barriers on lock gates
Sovereign Harbour Marina, part of the Premier Marinas Group and one of
Europe’s busiest marinas, has installed FAAC barriers to ensure the safety of
pedestrians crossing the entrance from Eastbourne harbour across the largest
automated lock gates in Europe. The eight FAAC 640 barriers control
pedestrian access to the gates that open every half hour to let yachts pass
through and maintain constant water levels in the marina.
Cherry Gates of Eastbourne previously installed FAAC 640 barriers on a lifting
bridge in another part of the marina. Their expertise made them the ideal
choice to replace the existing lock barriers which didn’t provide the required
level of safety when the gates started their opening and closing cycle. Shaun
White of Cherry Gates said, “FAAC was the obvious choice as we needed
100% reliability. The lock gates are operated frequently all day and night for
regular marina traffic, but have to be opened at short notice when the lifeboat
is called out.”

The FAAC system includes flashing lights and audible warnings to alert
pedestrians to the imminent lowering of the barriers prior to the opening of the
lock gates. If anyone attempts to pass under the lowering barriers, photooptic
beams ensure the barriers’ descent is halted immediately. When finally
down and magnetically locked in place, the barriers’ safety interlocks allow the
lock gates to begin their opening cycle. Keeping a close eye on the 
proceedings, operators using touch screen controls in the Harbour Office
monitor every opening cycle of the lock gates.

FAAC’s 640 barrier system is designed for the management of heavy traffic
required by large commercial applications but is also ideally suited for stylish,
high profile sites such as the marina in Eastbourne. In addition to its robust
and hardwearing, yet slim-line appearance, the 640 barrier features anti-crush
hydraulics, a locking system for both open and closed positions, and manual

Andy Osman is General Manager at Sovereign Harbour Marina and is
delighted with the installation saying, “This system of access control is
ensuring public safety on the largest locks in Europe. A significant number of
people come here to enjoy the boats so the barrier system had to be special.
The FAAC equipment installed by Cherry Gates is the perfect solution for us.”


With more than 40 years experience, FAAC is a world leader in access control
automation. The company has manufacturing and development facilities in
Italy and Ireland and distributes its products in more than 90 countries. FAAC
(UK), based in Basingstoke, is the market leader in residential and
commercial markets which it serves through a national network of 800
approved installers, all trained to FAAC’s high standards.


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