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Safety at FAAC

Safety in the installation of all our equipment is of paramount importance to FAAC. We promote safety aspects wherever possible and endeavour to provide installers with all the information necessary to assist them in carrying out each installation to meet the guidelines and regulations of the industry and ensure the safety of end users. We offer training courses to all our customers, including specific training for installers to present safety laws and standards.



Gate Safe

FAAC is a Gate Safe supporter. Gate Safe was set up following the tragic deaths of two children crushed by automated gates in separate incidents in 2010. Gate Safe brings together representatives from companies and trade and safety organisations, to improve understanding of safety guidelines and petition for stricter safety legislation to prevent further accidents. FAAC conforms to the Gate Safe supporters ‘Code of Conduct’. For further information visit the Gate Safe website.



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Door & Hardware Federation

FAAC is a member of the DHF. The DHF represents the interests of manufacturers and installers of industrial, pedestrian and garage doors. It provides professionals a single source for technical expertise with the aim of assuring progress and maintaining standards throughout the industry. FAAC participates in promoting the DHF Guidelines and training programme. Visit the Door & Hardware Federation website for more information.

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In this section you can download the Door and Hardware Federation Guide to Gate Safety Legislation and Standards and the FAAC Gate Information Pack, a handover pack for end users to keep details of components installed, manual release instructions, a record of maintenance and other valuable information.




DHF Guidelines

FAAC Gate Information Pack

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